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Chrome Book FAQs

Quick Reference for Chromebook Usage

Quick Reference for Chromebook Usage

Our Technology Team receive many questions from parents, staff and students about the Chromebooks assigned to students. This pae  will help answer the common questions we receive about these devices.
Q: What is a Chromebook?
A: A Chromebook is a device that is similar to a laptop, but uses Google’s Chrome operating system instead of Microsoft Windows or Apple iOS. Chromebooks utilize web based software such as Google Apps instead of locally installed software on the device. At Orchard, we offer two flavors made by Dell.  For K-5 Students, we provide the Dell Chromebook 3100 - it's small and compact, with a tablet mode.  For Middle School students, we offer the larger Dell Chromebook 3400 - it's fast and provides a large screen.
Q: If my student did not receive a Chromebook, how do I get one?
A: For this school year, we are committed to providing every student with a Chromebook.Families are required to complete the opening day packet which contains our technology agreement letter. Once families have completed a packet, their student will be allowed to receive a Chromebook. 
Q: What additional software do I need to use with the Chromebook?
A: None. Because the Chromebook operates through the Chrome Operating System, you have immediate free access to Google Apps which includes Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, & Drawing.  The Orchard Technology Team will automatically download all applications required for you to use.
Q: What are the advantages of a Chromebook?
A: Chromebooks are an excellent alternative to a normal laptop. They provide fast access to email, docs, spreadsheets, slide presentations and web browsing.  They are inexpensive, lightweight, have long battery life, and bootup in less than 10 seconds. They also do not require antivirus software, and your information is securely stored in the cloud. Any required updates are done at start up and are not noticeable.
Q: The Dell Chromebook 3100 I was assigned has 2 cameras. When using Zoom, it's using the wrong camera.
A: You can toggle which camera to use by following the instructions from this link:
Updated 08.15.2023.  We update this page frequently so check back often.  If you did not find the answer you need, contact