Vision & PhilosophyGo To Top of Page

Orchard School District is a safe, caring community of lifelong learners
dedicated to high academic standards and the development of independent thinkers.  
It is our mission to inspire and motivate excellence in learning.  
We are committed to providing a distinguished learning environment
through excellence in education for academic achievement and lifelong learning.


Core BeliefsGo To Top of Page

  • All students are valued and have the capacity to reach their full potential through an innovative and well-balanced education.
  • Provide a safe and secure learning environment.
  • All staff is valued and respected.  
  • Dedicated to ensure fiscal responsibility and financial accountability.
  • Govern in an open, trusting and professional manner; treating everyone with civility and respect.
  • Parent and community involvement is essential for students’ growth and success.
As one of the oldest teaching institutions in California, Orchard began as a school for settlers in 1862. With over a century and a half of academic history, we continue to educate today's young minds in becoming tomorrow's leaders.

As you visit the pages on this site, we hope to share our culture of excellence and commitment through our faculty, parents and staff. And we hope you agree that Orchard continues to create an environment that nurtures personal and academic achievement one student at a time.