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Quick Reference for Students and Parents

Quick Reference for Students and Parents
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What is Canvas? Canvas is a course management system that supports online learning and teaching. It allows instructors to share information, communicate, and assess students as well as post grades. Canvas is the Learning Management System used at Orchard School.
Q: When I try to log into Canvas, I receive an error "Invalid username or password"
A: Follow the steps and screenshots below:
First, point your browser to and click the link "Login with Google"
Next, enter your student username and click Next
Then enter your password and click Next.
The next screen you should see is your Canvas Dashboard.
Q: I can't log in from my phone or tablet when using the Canvas App.
A: We currently do not support the mobile device Canvas App. For now, use your mobile device's browser (such as Chrome or Safari) to access Canvas.  Always make sure that you use the correct URL (
Q: I am using the correct link but I still can't login?
A: It's possible that your account is locked - please contact the Helpdesk and include your Student ID.
Q: I'm able to log in successfully, but don't see any classes in my Canvas dashboard?
A: As of Wednesday, August 12 at 4pm, we have verified that not all teachers have completed their student rosters.  Please check back from time to time during the day.
More information and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) will be added here daily.