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Now Accepting - Board Applications
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Orchard currently has an open Board position as a result of resignation by one of the elected trustees.  As a result, Orchard has 60 days to fill the vacancy.  The vacancy will be filled through an appointee process. If you are interested and eligible please complete the application packet and be prepared for an interview (in-person) on October 8th.  The interviews will begin at 1:00 pm and you will be allocated a time once all applicants have complete their forms.   All applications must be submitted by October 6th. 

SCCOE Parent Engagement Symposium Fall 2021
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 After experiencing the trauma of multiple complexities during 2020, the SCCOE’s Parent Engagement Program presents “Building Foundations for Families to Thrive,” a Social Emotional Learning themed event. This virtual event invites educators and parents to create a community culture which builds up positive attributes in our children so they can respond with resilience and thrive.
Register today to receive your Zoom link for the live Main Sessions and links to all the recorded workshops! This event is free of charge. Participants who attend the virtual event will be eligible for giveaway items sponsored by Fogo de Chao, Kendra Scott, Project Cornerstone, and more! 
Después de experimentar el trauma de múltiples complejidades durante 2020, el Programa de Participación de los Padres de la SCCOE presenta "Construyendo las bases para que las familias prosperen", un evento temático de aprendizaje socioemocional. Este evento virtual invita a los educadores y padres a crear una cultura comunitaria que desarrolle atributos positivos en nuestros niños para que puedan responder con resiliencia y prosperar.
¡Regístrese hoy para recibir su enlace Zoom para las sesiones en vivo y para las sesiones de los talleres pregrabados!¡Este evento es gratuito¡ Los participantes que asistan al evento virtual serán elegibles para obsequios patrocinados por Fogo de Chao, Kendra Scott, Project Cornerstone y más! 

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • Will they be eating lunch outside?
    • Students will be eating lunch inside the cafeteria as well as outside at our tables. Additionally, we are spacing students out at the tables and limiting the number of students based on the table size. 
  • Will the class sizes change this year?
    • The maximum number of students per class has not changed; however, we have made an effort to keep our classes smaller than the contractual size. We are also looking to shift schedules to accommodate returning students and keep numbers as low as possible.
  • Are children able to play on the playground?
    • Children are allowed to play on the playground, however, they are required to wear masks at all times.
  • Will parents be allowed inside the school during pick up and drop off?
    • Parents are allowed on campus but will not be permitted beyond the black gates inside the school. In addition, parents must wear a mask at all times when they are on campus.
  • What protocols do you have in place should there be a sick student? How are parents going to be notified?
    • If a student feels sick, the student will be sent to our outdoor isolation area. The school office will call home to have their parent or guardian pick them up.
  • Will students be screened for Covid?
    • We do monitor students for Covid symptoms. Covid screening is not a requirement at the moment, but we will conduct pool testing twice a week for students whose parents sign the consent form.
  • What is the school’s policy if your child is sick with Covid symptoms?
    • Orchard strictly follows all COVID guidance. Please see the information available at: https://covid19.sccgov.org/school-guidance.  A student who is considered a close contact must quarantine immediately.  If the student is presenting symptoms, he or she must isolate for at least 10 days after last exposure and 24 hours after fever resolves and symptoms improve.  If the student is not experiencing symptoms, he or she may return to school after 7 days of quarantine if a COVID test is taken on day 5 and the results are negative.
  • What are the additional precautions that the District has implemented?
    • Every teacher has Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply which includes student masks, adult masks, gloves, general-purpose cleaner, and hand sanitizer. Additionally, teachers have been supplied with baby wipes to sanitize student desks and chairs, as well as alcohol wipes to sanitize student Chromebooks.
  • How many purifiers per room?
    • One purifier is placed in a typically sized classroom; larger spaces may have 2-3 purifiers.
  • What percentage of the Orchard staff is vaccinated? Can such information be published to parents?
    • A large portion of the Orchard staff is vaccinated, we currently have about 80% of our total staff vaccinated.
  • How many masks per day do kids need to bring?
    • Students must be wearing a mask before they are dropped off at school. If they do not have a mask, a staff member must be contacted to provide them with a mask in order for the student to enter campus. You can provide your child with additional masks in their backpack/lunchbox, but the only requirement is the one mask they need to be wearing when being dropped off.
  • Will the district be considering mandatory vaccination for staff and students (when authorized)?
    • The District will strictly follow all the local and state guidance regarding vaccinations. At this time, we are strongly encouraging all staff to be vaccinated.  Any staff member not vaccinated will be required to be tested for Covid weekly. 
  • Are bicycles allowed, and where is the school bike parking located?
    • Bicycles are allowed to be brought to school, and the bike parking is located near the main parking lot right behind the school dumpsters in a fully caged area.
  • If parents can't pick up their child due to work or other reasons and would like to assign another family member to pick up, is there any paperwork to assign a designated person?
    • Families need to complete
  • Where can we find the meal menus?
    • The meal menus can be found on our website at http://www.orchardsd.org/. Click on “Cafeteria & Food Services Program” underneath the “Parents” tab to access the monthly meal menu.
  • How soon after a student is ready for in-person learning can they transition to in-person from independent study?
    • Students who wish to transition from independent study back to in-person learning will be placed in classes no later than five school days after the request is made to the school principal.
  • Have you hired additional people to supervise the playgrounds?
    • We have posted additional custodial and yard duty staff positions. Unfortunately, we have not been able to fill all positions, and we will keep working to fill all open positions. We intend to have more staff on duty, but right now, counselors, administration, and other support staff are helping out in the supervision of our students. 

Letter from Superintendent Bowman - Mask Recommendation
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Orchard Annouces New Superintendent (06/11/21)
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California Students - Access Educational Content from Home:

Free learning content from Britannica, ProQuest and TeachingBooks.
Access ID: orchard
Passcode: osd
Username: orchard
Password: teachingbooksK12

Charcot Avenue Extension Project:

Please revisit the Schedule/Next Steps for updates or contact your City Council Member for more information. The City of San Jose wants to build a freeway overpass that will drop down onto Silkwood Lane next to Orchard School from the other side of I-880. See the Project Limits and Sections.
More information can be found on our PTA site.

What's New

COVID-19 Testing
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The County of Santa Clara is making it even simpler for people to schedule COVID-19 testing appointments online. Choose from a list of all available drive thru testing sites and appointment times throughout Santa Clara County. Anyone can be tested and there are no requirements for testing criteria, insurance, or immigration status. To schedule a free test, go to www.scvmc.org/covid19testing or visit www.sccfreetest.org. You can also call 1-888-334-1000 to make an appointment in English, Spanish, Vietnamese or Chinese.   

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Second Harvest Food Bank
4001 North 1 st Street
San Jose, CA 95131
Bible Way Christian Center
2090 Oakland Rd
San Jose, CA 95131


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Next Board Meeting
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  • Tuesday, October 26, 2021 - Regular Board Meeting
    Open Session 4:00 PM
View the board packet in PDF Format or HTML.
The meeting will be hosted on Zoom. Please submit public comments to jbowman@orchardsd.org before the scheduled meeting time.
Please click the link below to join the webinar: