Congrats To The 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Team For Winning The League Championship!

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As one of the oldest teaching institutions in California, Orchard began as a school for settlers in 1862. With over a century and a half of academic history, we continue to educate today's young minds in becoming tomorrow's leaders.

As you visit the pages on this site, we hope to share our culture of excellence and commitment through our faculty, parents and staff. And we hope you agree that Orchard continues to create an environment that nurtures personal and academic achievement one student at a time.
Learn about I-880 overpass from Charcot Avenue to Silkwood Lane!
Please see the brief descriptions from two different reports that describe a pending transportation project that will affect the Orchard School community (Click Here). We encourage you to be aware of and informed about a San Jose City plan to construct a freeway overpass that will drop down onto Silkwood Lane from the other side of I-880, at Charcot Avenue. At the appropriate time, the City of San Jose will engage the community to inform residents and gather feedback regarding this project. Please revisit this site for updates or contact your City Council Member for more information. 
School-Wide Lockdown Drill - Thursday, February 9, 2017
On Thursday, February 9, 2017 at 1:45 p.m., Orchard School will have a lockdown drill. This means that students and staff will be participating in a drill in the event of a possible lockdown. The San Jose Police Department will be on campus to assist. Classrooms and other school departments will be participating in school lockdown procedures, which include barricading doors. During our drill, we will not be able to accommodate any early pick-ups. The lockdown drill will end by 2:15 p.m. in anticipation for dismissal at the regular time. Please contact Mrs. Quilantang in the front office if you have questions about our lockdown drill.


Please be advised that the gates around the school will be closed 10 minutes after the start of school and will be opened ten minutes before dismissal.  As always our goal is to keep our students and staff safe.  Also, if a gate is closed, when leaving our campus, please make sure to close it when you leave.


Potter’s House Church Parking Lot 

Please note during pick-up and drop-off you will no longer be able to park your car in the Potter House Church parking lot. If you do you will be asked to remove your car. Starting on 1/9/17 they will chain-off the entrance to their parking lot. The property manager has also informed us they will have cars towed away.

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